qcreate Question Creation activity module

The Question Creation activity module makes it possible for teachers to let or require students to create questions using the Moodle question creation engine. These creations can subsequently be edited by a teacher and added to Moodle quizzes.

As a non-graded activity, teachers can make it possible for students to make any number of questions. These questions can be imported into quizzes by the teacher. In this way, teachers can encourage students' autonomous learning. Students will create questions about a certain topic or sub-set of knowledge, knowing that their questions will appear in a (graded) quiz.

As a graded activity, teachers can require students to make specific question types and a specific number of these types. Furthermore, these questions can be graded both automatically or manually or a combination of the two. Automatic grading takes no account of the quality of questions, it simply rewards students for creating questions. Manual grading on the other hand is used to evaluate the content and quality of questions.

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